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  • Hi there,

    I’m sure that you are busy with, so I’ll be quick.

    My name is Alicia and I spent a decade working as a chef before turning to freelance writing. Recently I’ve been doing content management for an oven review site when I discovered.

    It seems that the content I specialize in would work well for your website. As a chef I spent many years trying to balance delicious dishes with responsible and healthy eating habits. It turns out the two are not mutually exclusive! As a writer, I love putting together articles which can help offer tips on how to create food which is both healthy and enjoyable to eat. In order to appeal to more people, I also offer advice on how to do this on a budget.

    I would love to contribute such a piece to your website. What do you think? It will be original, exclusive, fully resourced and tailored to your audience.

    Would you like to work with me on this? Do let me know your thoughts.

    Kind regards


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