Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (President of Peru)
Ollanta Humala (former president of Peru)
Keiko Fujimori (Popular Force party leader)
Alberto Fujimori (former president)
Kenji Fujimori (Congressman)
Alfredo Barnechea (presidential candidate, journalist)
Veronika Mendoza (presidential candidate, congresswoman)
Alan Garcia (former president)
Julio Guzman (former presidential candidate)
Alejandro Toledo (former president)
Nadine Heredia (first lady of Peru)
Luis Castañeda (mayor of Lima)
Susana Villaran (former mayor of Lima)
Cesar Acuña (former Trujillo mayor)
Shining Path (guerrilla insurgency)
Latin American Integrated Market (MILA) (Pacific Alliance stock exchange)
Pacific Alliance (regional political bloc)

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