1st Batch of Inaugural Advisory Board and Mentors introduced at Viva Air Labs

Viva Air Labs this past week announced its 1st batch of inaugural Advisory Board members and Mentors. The Advisory Board and Mentors will provide feedback and ideas to help strengthen the overall program.

Viva Air Labs, from the airline Viva Air, is the first airline innovation lab in Latin America. Viva Air is the second largest airline in Peru and the third largest in Colombia. It’s Labs’ platform engages passengers, employees and entrepreneurs through a series of projects, and was founded by Clyde Hutchinson, an entrepreneur and executive.

“One of our main goals is to figure out how to use the platform of being a low cost carrier to be part of the innovation process going on in the countries where we have flights,” said Clyde Hutchinson, Head of Innovation at Viva Air Labs.

“We want to harness innovation in Latin America by creating a space for Latin Americans to solve problems within Latin America.”

Below are the first announced inaugural Advisory Board Members and Mentors.

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Golnar Pooya, Mentor

A Partner at IBM Services, Golnar Pooya has significant experience helping enterprises capitalize on opportunities in new disruptive technologies, including in AI. In particular she is recognized for her expertise in AI for Good, and for her experience helping companies expand their ecosystems through platforms. Golnar is also an Advisor at the venture capital firm 7 Gate Ventures.

Agostinho João Almeida, Advisory Board Member

The Director of the 4th Industrial Revolution from the World Economic Forum, Agostinho João Almeida was earlier the Chief Operating Officer at Ruta N in Medellin, Antioquia. He is also a Co-Founder of the incubator Venture Catalysts and is a Board Member at Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative (DAPI).

David MendlenAdvisory Board Member

An executive at Microsoft, David Mendlen has built and managed billion-dollar software businesses, nurtured software development providers, and driven significant growth. He is also the Founder of Decoded Show, and earlier was the speechwriter for Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates.


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