Five killed in central Peru helicopter accident
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Five killed in central Peru helicopter accident

Five killed in central Peru helicopter accident Photo credit: Correo

A helicopter crashed in Peru’s central state of Cusco yesterday, killing all five passengers.

The helicopter chartered by Brazilian firm Odebrecht carried three company employees plus a pilot and a mechanic. The helicopter departed Quillabamba for the city of Cusco yesterday but lost communications during the flight, according to a company statement.

This morning a rescue unit of police and firefighters found the charred remains of the helicopter and three bodies burned beyond recognition. Authorities are still searching for the two missing passengers who are presumed dead.

The site of the accident in the Urubamba province features difficult terrain at over 13,000 feet in altitude.

Odebrecht and the Spanish firm Enagas form the joint venture responsible for building the Southern Gas Pipeline.


Policía ubica restos de helicóptero siniestrado y de tres pasajeros (Andina)

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