American man arrested for sex trafficking of children in Peru

Police arrested American citizen Joshua Brown and five others in Lima on Sunday for trafficking children aged four to 15 years old.

Police raided six homes throughout Lima in dismantling Brown’s alleged child sex tourism ring. A total of 11 minors and 25 adults were rescued from homes in the La Molina, Surco, Miraflores, San Borja, Chorrillos and Puente Piedra districts.

Police say that Brown used a private web forum to advertise his victims and charged clients from all over the world prices starting at $300 to deliver them to their hotels. One of Brown’s accomplices in police custody was formerly one of his victims before she began to recruit other children from Peru’s impoverished highlands and jungle regions.

“[Brown] had a legitimate business in Peru and a parallel dark life trafficking people to exploit sexually,” Oscar Gonzales, the head of Peru’s human-trafficking police unit, told Reuters. “He would bring foreign pedophiles here whom he contacted through the private internet forum.”

Gonzales added that police were also investigating Brown for the “probable” murders of two children in connection with the sex ring.

The four- and seven-year-old daughters of one of Brown’s accomplices were among the children rescued. A source told La Republica that Brown charged $7,000 and $5,000 for the girls respectively.

Police say that the 64-year-old Brown, who had been operating in Peru for 12 years, also had a collection of child pornography videos.

Peruvian law punishes those convicted of trafficking minors with eight to 15 years in prison.


Peru arrests American accused of running child sex tourism ring (Reuters)

Policía Nacional capturó a estadounidense que explotaba sexualmente a menores (Peru 21)

Estadounidense dirigía una red de turismo sexual con menores en nuestro país (La Republica)

Ley 28950 (Ministerio de Trabajo y Promocion del Empleo)


  • IMO, not only should there be prison time – but these people should be CASTRATED! I am a victim of sexual assault in high school by a male teacher who befriended me while – grooming me – for a sexual assault. While I was depressed at the time and only 16, this pedophile ruined what chances I had for a somewhat normal life. After repressing the trauma of this assault for 35 years, I reported to the school board, FP was allowed to resign – but they never offered me any help with my psychological treatments that were expense and I could not afford to continue.
    FP and this Brown guy – NO RELATION – will eventually have to answer to their Creator for these acts that leave permanent scars on the lives of children, they are ROBBED OF THEIR INNOCENCE – and are much more prone to suicide that the normal population while dealing with life-long issues in all kinds of relationships. They have great difficulty developing healthy/sound foundations for human interaction as their cornerstones for interaction have been destroyed by evil pedophiles.
    Pray to God for mercy, but you have have caused irreparable damage to these innocent children and Satan has a place waiting for you to suffer for ETERNITY! I hope the others involved in this pedophile ring are all brought to justice – as they will be, if not in this world – but after death. WHAT A WASTE OF A LIFE – WHILE DESTROYING THE PRECIOUS FUTURE LIVES OF THESE CHILDREN!!!
    I hope and pray these innocent victims will get the psychological treatment and emotional support they need, before they are forced to SUFFER even more. .

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