Peru Reports’ parent company acquires Central and Eastern European tech publication

By September 26, 2017

Peru Report’s media incubator and parent company, ESPACIO, has announced its acquisition of 150sec — Central and Eastern Europe’s leading publication on startup and tech news.

The acquisition comes just one month after the incubator’s acquisition of Peru Reports, and demonstrates the company’s latest step in achieving its goal of providing high-quality news throughout the world.

Espacio currently owns news publications dedicated to the United States, Latin America, India, and now, Europe.

Espacio acquires 150sec

Agata Kukwa
Co-founder of 150sec

150sec was founded in 2015 by Adrian Pica and Agata Kukwa as the first community-focused website featuring startup, tech, and events news in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Both Pica and Kukwa are seasoned entrepreneurs and leaders in Europe’s startup ecosystem.

Referencing the purchase of 150sec, Espacio CEO Conrad Egusa said, “My team’s goal is really to further the mission of Adrian and Agata in building the premier publication and platform for startups and entrepreneurs in Central Europe.”

Founders Pica and Kukwa have placed extreme confidence in Egusa’s vision for the future, especially with Craig Corbett serving as Chairman of 150sec.

“Agata and I believe in the startups in Central Europe, and in the potential of entrepreneurs here,” said Pica. “When we spoke to Conrad and talked about the investments he planned to make into the editorial team and into 150sec, we felt it provided an important opportunity for the CEE ecosystem and its media here.”

Espacio acquires 150sec

Adrian Pica
Co-founder of 150sec

The CEE region has recently gained a considerable amount of attention due to its burgeoning tech scene in cities such as Tallinn, Budapest, Warsaw, and Prague. Due to the help from publications like 150sec, the progress being made in these cities has reached a global audience.

Ultimately, this demonstrates one of the ideas behind the company’s purchasing of these various global publications. The goal is to disseminate news and provide a platform to learn about areas that the company strongly believes in — such as CEE, and also Peru.

“We see a lot of interesting ideas and technology in the CEE region and this is reflected in the number of investors that are heading there”, said Egusa. “This interest, however, is not always reflected in the media coverage that these incredible startups receive. This is something that 150sec has been working to change — and that we will continue to work on here.”

About 150sec

150sec is a media publication that has the mission is to spread news on the startups, communities, events in the CEE region. The publication was founded in 2015 by Adrian Pica and Agata Kukya.

About Espacio

Espacio is a media incubator founded in 2013 by Conrad Egusa and Eddie Arrieta.