Latin America ecommerce to reach $70B, Big Tech takes notice

LatAm-based Talos Digital, which has 4 offices in the greater region, partners with Adobe.

According to a recent study, Latin America’s ecommerce market will reach $70 billion USD in the next 12 months. Big Tech is beginning to take notice.

Latin America-based Talos Digital, which has 4 offices in the greater region in addition to North America, is announcing this week it’s partnership with Adobe, the American multinational software company. The aim of the collaboration, in which Talos becomes one of a dozen companies in LatAm to earn the designation of Certified Business Solution Partner, is to expand ecommerce footprints across the region.

Adobe is the parent organization for Experience Cloud and Magento, a technology solution Talos has long been working with. Said, Karen Holguin, LATAM Magento Partner Director, “Talos has managed many successful Magento integration and customization projects in LATAM and the US.”

“This certification only validates their undisputed ecommerce expertise, superior client service and commitment to Adobe technology. We look forward to collaborating on many projects and serving as catalysts for the digital transformation of our clients in the region.”

Peru and the greater region is increasingly investing in ecommerce and new technology. Earlier this year the government of Peru announced that it had partnered with blockchain startup to create a transparent, contract-procurement system.

Said blockchain strategist Dave Mejia at that time, “For this region, blockchain’s distributed and immutable ledger could go a long ways towards building faith in banking, the safety of personal savings and property, political processes, and the plausibility of entrepreneurial pursuits.”

“In Latin America’s emerging markets a lack of trust in financial and political institutions has long hampered financial inclusion, political participation, and entrepreneurial ambition,” added the technologist.

Magento is an ecommerce platform that powers over 100,000 online stores. According to a recent study, 56% of retailers online will need to upgrade from legacy platforms or migrate within the next 12 months.

Adobe was founded in December 1982 and today has more than 21,000 employees worldwide.


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