Peru’s Congress ponders law which could grant Alberto Fujimori early release

By April 28, 2017

Peru’s Congress will discuss a bill offering early release for criminals over 75 years old, which would apply to jailed former President Alberto Fujimori.

Independent congressman Roberto Vieira, who was removed from the ruling Peruvians for Change party last year, has proposed a bill which would allow Peruvian inmates over 75 years old who were not convicted of terrorism, rape or drug trafficking and have served at least one third of their sentences to fulfill the remainder under house arrest.

“I absolutely did this… thinking of Alberto Fujimori , because he doesn’t deserve to die in prison,” Vieira told Existosa. “I urge all those who disagree to think of our country. We are nearing the bicentennial and we are still not united.”

The proposed legislation comes in the wake of the third failed attempt to liberate Fujimori from prison since 2012. Cesareo Vargas Trujillo, president of the National Agency for Human Rights in Peru, recently requested a pardon for the former president in December 2016 on humanitarian grounds. The justice ministry declared the pardon request “inadmissible.”

Despite the wide application of the legislation, some believe it was created for the sole purpose of  liberating Fujimori.

“[This bill] is a joke and offensive for the victims of the criminal Fujimori, easing his path to liberation,” Broad Front congresswoman Tania Pariona told Correo.

The three formal attempts to release Fujimori from prison thus far — brought forth in October 2012, July 2016 and December 2016 — have sought reprieve or presidential pardon for his offenses. This new move would be the first attempt to effectively free Fujimori from prison without exonerating him from his sentence which runs to 2032.

“As I said the other day, we have to turn the pages on some things in order to have a more united society,” President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski told Correo. “But no law will be approved that only benefits one person. It has to be a general piece of legislation that applies to all the people that meet certain conditions.”

Despite being jailed for authorizing death squads and allegedly looting public coffers for over $100 million, Alberto Fujimori is revered among broad sections of Peru. Almost two thirds of the country support releasing him from prison, including 26% who favor a full pardon. Legislators from all parties in Congress except the leftist Broad Front have stated they will support the bill.


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