U.S. tourist dies in Cusco hotel

By March 20, 2018


A 70-year-old man identified as Jeffrey Downing of the United States was found dead in a Cusco hotel room, according to Peru’s National Police.

Downing is believed to have suffered from organ failure, possibly a heart attack, per a report from Andina news service. He was found early Tuesday morning at Novo Hotel in Cusco before national police and tourism police forces said his belongings had been returned to his wife Barbara and that the news of his death has been relayed to the U.S. Embassy in Peru.

Cusco is a popular spot for international tourists who are ultimately headed to the famed Machu Picchu ruins.

Just recently, an Argentinean tourist died in the Cusco region when a rock fell on top of a tourist bus that he was traveling in, according to El Comercio.

Peru Reports will update this story as more information becomes available.