Martín Vizcarra’s approval rating swells to 61% after eventful month

It marks a nine-point rise in the President's favorability rating

martin vizcarra

An eventful month for Peru has, in part, helped President Martín Vizcarra secure a 61 percent approval rating. The recent Ipsos poll represents a nine-point rise from an already climbing favorability rating last month.

A recent announcement that Peru will hold a popular vote referendum to decide on a list of possible judicial reform policies was generally viewed as a positive development by people throughout the country. That vote will be held on Dec. 9 and will limit, among other things, how political parties can receive private funding and could establish a bicameral legislature.

Only 28 percent of those polled in the recent survey said that they are not in agreement with decisions from the president.

One of the top reasons that those who do favor Vizcarra say they support him is because of his strict policy against corruption.

Vizcarra’s image may have been helped out by the recent decisions from the judiciary branch that went against the Fujimori family. First came the news that ex-president Alberto Fujimori would be sent back to jail following the annulment of his pardon. Then last week, Peru learned that daughter and Popular Force party leader Keiko Fujimori would spend 10 days in preliminary detention for accusations of money laundering during her 2011 presidential campaign.

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