Uruguay denies Alan García’s asylum request

alan garcia

The Uruguayan government has denied an asylum request from former Peru president Alan García.

Uruguay’s commander-in-chief Tabaré Vázquez announced the decision Monday morning to not grant asylum status to García, who had been living at the residence of the Peruvian ambassador to Uruguay since Nov. 17.

“We are not conceding political asylum to Alan García because in Peru there are three branches of government that function autonomously and freely,” President Vázquez said in his official announcement. “And it is the Judicial Branch that is carrying out these investigations of possible economic crimes. Because of these considerations, strictly legal and judicial, we have denied political asylum.”

Peruvian authorities are investigating García for possibly accepting Odebrecht bribes during his presidency from 2006 to 2011. García is one of four former presidents who has been implicated in the widescale Odebrecht corruption case. It also recently took down Popular Force party leader Keiko Fujimori, who will spend the next three years in preventive prison.

César Villanueva, the president of the minister’s offices, said on the heels of the decision that Uruguay has confirmed the government’s stance that the case against García is not political persecution.

“The decision has shown that, in the case of Peru, there is a democratic government that respects institutionality,” he told Peru’s Canal N news channel. “That confirms clearly to us what we’ve said about there being no political persecution.”


  • What a gutless cretin Alan Garcia is, running scared he tries a shot at seeking asylum in the Uruguayan Embassy, like a child running to it’s mother, for fear of punishment for doing something wrong. Let this be a lesson to all of you in the political ruling class, that if you cheat and rob and continue to be corrupt, the Peruvian peoples authorities will come after you. Why should you be treated any differently to anyone else who breaks the law for their own selfish gain, just like Alexandro Toledo hiding in Miami, another one who took money from Odebrecht along with Keiko Fujimori and her right wing party. It’s time for a change for the people of Peru, and for the control of wealth to be used for all and not just the elite few.
    Viva Peru

  • All governments agreed that to fight international corruption, efforts from all presidents were necessary, he added. Peru is sending Uruguay documents related to former Peruvian President Alan Garcia ‘s case, he added. The conversation took place Sunday and lasted less than 10 minutes.

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